Jury Duty

Dentists are not exempt from jury duty under the Juries Act (1990).

 If you are summoned for jury duty, you may:

  • Consider making reasonable accommodations to be able to attend and perform your civic duty; or
  • Request a deferral from the court.
If you believe that you should be considered exempt, you may contact the court to offer an explanation and request a deferral.

The following template may be modified as needed:

Sheriff’s Office  

Ministry of the Attorney General  


To: Whom it May Concern

Re: (Name) - Juror No.: ----, Panel -----  

I received a Summons to Juror, a copy of which is attached for your reference. I am a general dentist with a practice in …………... Much of my practice concentrates on being available for emergency work and, absent my availability, patients may go untreated. This may cause not only discomfort and pain, but indeed harm to their oral health.  

I am willing to fulfil my civic duties but would respectfully request that you consider deferring my attendance at this time, in the interest of being certain that the health of my patients will not be compromised due to my absence.  

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  

Yours truly,

Please note that the College does not prepare or provide documentation for dentists to present to the court.

The Ontario Dental Association has additional online resources available for their members.