Jurisprudence and Ethics

Applicants for a general, specialty or academic certificate of registration are required to write and pass a final examination in Jurisprudence and Ethics. To register for the course, follow the link at the bottom of the page and register as an Applicant/Non-Member.

The course may be taken in more than one sitting. Saving your location each time will allow you to continue from the same spot.

The passing grade is 60% and your results will be sent directly to RCDSO staff who will verify your results during the application review process. You are not required to submit your exam results.

About the Course

The Jurisprudence & Ethics course is divided into four sections comprised of 13 modules. It is designed to provide applicants with information about the legal and ethical responsibilities for practising dentistry in Ontario. The four sections are: 

  • About the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, and An Introduction to Jurisprudence & Ethics (three modules)
  • Patient Care (three modules)
  • Legal Responsibility (four modules)
  • Practice Management (three modules).

Each section has its own learning objectives and is followed by some activities for course participants to confirm their understanding of the module’s content.

Throughout the course, there are embedded scenarios, quizzes and links to resource materials. These are designed to enhance the learning experience; answers and scores will not be recorded.

Read and re-read sections as needed to prepare for the final exam, which will be available once all the learning modules are complete. Anything in any of the four sections of the course may appear in the tests, but none of the questions will come solely from reference materials.

I'd like to take the course. What next?

Visit the Jurisprudence and Ethics course site to register as an applicant and login. Questions? Email registration@rcdso.org.