Practice Advisory Service

Our Practice Advisors are available to help dentists and the public access resources on safe, competent and ethical oral health care.

A resource for dentists and the public 

Dentistry is complex. Our advisors provide guidance and support to help dentists understand what they have the authority to do based on legislation and College standards, guidelines and advisories. Dentists are expected to determine whether they have the knowledge, skill and judgement to proceed with specific treatment.

College staff is not able to give advice on specific treatment situations or interpret standards, guidelines and other RCDSO policies. 

Our advisors will help dentists identify resources to guide decision-making and help them understand their responsibilities by:

  • Directing dentists to our resources (e.g. articles, FAQs and guidance documents) that apply to their questions
  • Help identify what they are accountable and responsible for 
  • Explaining how our standards, guidelines and advisories apply to their situation
  • Referring dentists to additional sources of information.

We help the public understand what they should expect from their dentist and what their rights are. The public has the right to:

  • Make their own decisions about their oral health care
  • Ask their dentist questions
  • Request a copy of their dental records (fees may apply). 

Dentists have a responsibility to: 

  • Act in the best interests of their patients
  • Communicate clearly, openly, honestly and with sensitivity
  • Maintain a strictly professional patient-dentist relationship

The College's paramount duty is to serve and protect the public interest through the regulation of Ontario dentists. Our advisory service is one way that we assist dentists, stakeholders the public.