Registrar's Investigations

Separate from our complaints process, the Registrar can appoint an investigator if there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a dentist has committed an act of professional misconduct or is incompetent.

What starts a Registrar’s Investigation?

Information shared with the College that raises concerns about a dentist’s conduct, competence or capacity can prompt a Registrar’s Investigation. The concerns are provided by people or organizations, such as:

  • Members of the public who wish to bring forward a concern/provide information about a dentist but do not wish to make a complaint
  • Insurance companies
  • Other dentists or regulated health professionals, by way of mandatory reporting
  • Public Health Units reporting on their investigations
  • Police or courts, about criminal charges or convictions
  • Media, including journalists

The Registrar will determine whether to proceed with an investigation.

If the Registrar approves an investigation, the person who brings forward the information may not be informed about the investigation or the outcome, as they are not legally entitled to receive that information.

What happens when the Registrar appoints an investigator?

The investigation process is like the complaints process. Once an investigator is appointed, the dentist will be given notice of the investigation. The investigator will seek information by interviewing witnesses and obtaining documents and records. The dentist will be asked if they wish to respond to the College.

How will the ICRC deal with the Registrar’s Investigation?

The ICRC may or may not take further action. If it decides to take action, it can take any of the following measures to improve the dentist’s practice, conduct, or competence and/or to protect the public:

  • Give advice or recommendations to the dentist
  • Ask the dentist to enter into a voluntary remedial agreement
  • Order the dentist to take courses or other education/remediation
  • Issue a formal caution
  • Come to an agreement with the dentist, called an “undertaking,” about how they will improve or restrict their practice.
  • Refer the concerns about the dentist to the College’s Discipline Committee.
  • Refer the dentist to a panel of the ICR Committee for incapacity proceedings.

How can I submit concerns to the College?                                

You can submit your concerns by:

Please include details about your concerns. Ask yourself:

  • What happened?
  • When and where did the incident(s) occur?
  • Who was involved in the incident(s)?
  • When were the incident(s) discovered or identified?
  • How were the incident(s) discovered or identified?
  • Who has direct knowledge of the incident(s)?
  • Where did the incident(s) happen?

You will also need to include:

  • Contact information for the person(s) who knows about the incident(s)
  • Contact information for the person(s) on whose behalf you are making a complaint
  • The name of the dentist or dentists who are the subject of the concerns and the names of any relevant staff