Professional Standing Request

If you are a current or former RCDSO member and are moving to another province or country or are seeking hospital privileges in Ontario, you will often be asked to provide a Certificate of Standing. 

The College issues Certificate of Standings to regulatory bodies and Ontario hospitals. All other bodies can verify information about a member’s professional standings and registration information online using our Find a Dentist.

Standard processing time for those with no past/current conduct issues on file with the College is 10 business days once the completed form and applicable fees are received. Those with extensive past/current conduct issues or who have resigned with the College can expect an increased processing time.

We do not expedite standard requests. If you have special or extenuating circumstances related to an application in another jurisdiction, or a hospital in Ontario, and have no current/past conduct history with the College, you can request to have the process expedited and it will be considered.

The fee for this request is $75 and can be paid by VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX. It can also be paid by sending a cheque or money order to the College, but choosing this payment method will delay processing time while staff continue to work remotely.

To submit a request, current members must log into the RCDSO Portal, navigate to Online Requests, and submit a Professional Standing Request. Former Members or those who hold a certificate type other than General, Specialty, or Academic must email the Registration department to request a PDF copy of the form.