Prescribing and Dispensing Monitored Drugs

To obtain a prescription for a monitored drug, there are a number of requirements that patients, prescribers and dispensers must follow.

Dentists prescribing monitored drugs must record all of the following information on the prescription:

  • Identification number of the patient and the type of identification used.
  • Registration number on the certificate of registration issued to the prescriber by the College of which he or she is a member.
  • Name of the person for whom the monitored drug is prescribed.
  • Name, strength (where applicable) and quantity of the monitored drug.
  • Directions for use of the monitored drug.
  • Name and address of the prescriber.

Visit the Ministry of Health website for a list of approved forms of identification. The Narcotics Safety and Awareness Act, 2010 gives the ministry the authority to disclose information, including personal health information, relating to the prescribing and dispensing of monitored drugs for the purposes of the Act. The Ministry may report such information to regulatory colleges and/or law enforcement authorities where there is suspected unlawful activity.