International Applicants

Who is an international applicant?

There are two types of international applicants.

Graduates from Accredited dental programs

    1. Graduates from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland are considered accredited, as these programs have a mutually recognized system of accreditation of dental training.
    2. If your dental education/training occurred in the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland, you are an international applicant but can apply directly to take the national dentistry exams administered by the NDEB.
    3. For dental education programs from the following countries, applicants must have graduated on or after the following dates:
      • Australia - March 31, 2010
      • New Zealand - December 14, 2011
      • Ireland - December 5, 2012

To verify if a program is accredited, visit the following websites:

Graduates of Non-Accredited dental programs 

    1. If your dental education/training occurred in any other country from those listed above (#1), your education is considered non-accredited.
    2. Applicants who graduated from a non-accredited dental program must complete either the NDEB equivalency process, or a qualifying program from an accredited university. You can read more about these options on the NDEB website 

The same registration requirements and registration process steps apply to all applicants, regardless of where they graduated from.

Visit Application Process and What You Need to Apply for further information on our application process and required documents 

Read the Applicant FAQs.