Council and Committees

The governing Council of the College meets three to four times a year to discuss regulatory policy and debate issues that influence the quality of oral health care in Ontario. Council includes twelve dentists elected by registered dentists in Ontario.

Council includes between nine and 11 members of the public nominated by the provincial government. The public members are not dentists. Their responsibility is to speak for the public. They play a vital part in the College’s work at Council and on committees. The full involvement of public members is central to the College’s desire for inclusiveness and accountability.

Council also includes two dentists appointed by each of the university dental faculties in Ontario – the University of Toronto and Western University in London, Ontario.

College Committees

There are seven committees that each health profession college must establish. That is why they are referred to as statutory committees. In addition to the seven statutory committees that are required by the RHPA, the College has five standing committees.

Learn more about the College's committees. 

Council Meetings

RCDSO Council meetings are open to the public, with the exception of any in camera portion dealing with personnel matters or other sensitive or confidential material. Meeting materials are posted on the website one week in advance of the meeting.

Scheduled Meetings 

Our next RCDSO Council meeting takes place on May 9, 2024. It will be livestreamed on YouTube. 

Meeting Location

Our next Council meeting will be held in via Zoom. It will also be livestreamed on YouTube.  

For questions related to Council meetings please contact: 

Angie Sherban
Executive Assistant and Council Liaison
phone: 416-934-5627
toll-free: 1-800-565-4591

Council Highlights

Council Highlights are emailed out to members and posted online on the College’s website after each Council meeting. It covers some of the key highlights of Council business. 

Executive Committee Meetings

2021-2023 Meeting Dates & Summaries (Click link to access summary)

Council Meeting Materials and Minutes