Dental CT Scanner Inspection Program

The College inspects offices and reviews patient records to ensure that every office and dentist that prescribes, orders, and takes dental CT scans complies with the College’s Standard of Practice for Dental CT Scanners.

The Standard:

  • Sets the training and qualifications for dentists who wish to prescribe, order and take dental CT scans in dental practice.
  • Sets the requirements for the installation of a dental CT scanner.
  • Outlines the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) requirements for dental offices.

The purpose of the inspection program is to ensure:

  • Any office where a dental CT scanner is installed meets the requirements outlined in the Standard.
  • The dental office develops the required quality assurance program, and policies and procedures addressing the use and operation of the dental CT scanner.

Any office where a dentist wishes to install and operate a dental CT scanner must have a permit issued by the College.

Every dentist who wishes to prescribe, order, take, interpret and report dental CT scans must be authorized by the College.

All permits and authorizations must be renewed annually, and dental offices with permits are re-inspected every three (3) years.