RCDSO Council and Committee Diversity Self-Identification Questionnaire

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are a priority for RCDSO. They strengthen the College’s decision-making capacity, performance and accountability in carrying out its public protection mandate. The College strives to ensure that its Council and Committees reflect the diversity of the populations that they serve and have decision-making and programming which are inclusive.

The Diversity Self-Identification Questionnaire is intended to collect information on prospective Council and Committee members to identify gaps in representation, inform recruitment strategies and enhance onboarding and training requirements. The data from this questionnaire will provide a snapshot of demographic representation of candidates participating in our nomination processes as well as persons appointed to lead the College’s Council and committees.

This is part of our overall journey to transform the College and achieve our goals, with diversity, equity and inclusion as one of our priorities. Becoming pro-active with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion helps us to identify perspectives not present in decision-making; inform recruitment strategies; enhance onboarding; determine training requirements; and facilitate a collaborative approach where everyone can be themselves.

Why should I complete the questionnaire?

Your participation is important so that the College can develop a representative picture of our leaders on Council and committees. Your participation will give us an accurate indication of who our people are, and what characteristics they bring to the work, as well as their lived experiences. This enables the College to determine if new policies and practices need to be implemented to better support Council and committees and create an inclusive environment, based on the information you provide.

Is it mandatory that I complete the questionnaire?

Completing the questionnaire is voluntary and your response to each question is voluntary. As such each question has a “Prefer not to respond” option so you can self-identify according to your comfort level.

However, we are asking aspiring Council and committee members to participate. The more people that participate, the more accurate our picture of the composition of our Council and committees. This enables the College to determine if new policies and practices need to be implemented, based on the information you provide.

How will this questionnaire impact my candidacy for Council and committees?

Your responses will not affect your candidacy for Council. Responses will help guide future recruitment strategies and educational opportunities. For committee appointments by the Nominations Committee, the individual data may help inform appointments to particular committees.

Who can access data collected?

Your personal information shall not be accessible by anyone beyond the Eligibility Review Committee and/or Nominations Committee and authorized College staff. Committee members and staff are bound by confidentiality provisions set out in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, including those set out in section 36 and section 40 of that Act. The College will comply with legal obligations for privacy and confidentiality, and would limit any disclosures to aggregate data that is de-identified. For more information please see the College’s Privacy Policy.