Rashmi Kumra

Full Name:
Rashmi Kumra
Current Status:
Resigned - Dentist may have retired, left the province/country, returned to school, changed professions, or took a leave for personal reasons, among other things.

Concerns, Conditions and/or Professional Misconduct

Academic Information


Dental Degree

University of Mumbai, Nair Hospital Dental College, India
University of Colorado Denver, United States

This may not be a complete record of the member's academic information or continuing education.

Certificate(s) of Registration


Previous Certificate(s) of Registration


Initial Date of Registration

Other License(s)


Current Dental License(s)

United States - California

Complaints & Reports Outcomes


Case File: 150052

Decision Date:
September 18, 2017

Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program

Required Course
Restorative Dentistry 
Required Practice Monitoring - Office Visits
Practice to be monitored for 24 months following completion of course in Restorative Dentistry

Case File: 160664

Decision Date:
June 10, 2018


As a result of its investigation of a formal complaint, the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee decided to caution Dr. Rashmi Kumra as follows:

• Dr. Kumra should not have commenced orthodontic treatment with the knowledge that she would not be available to complete the treatment.

• At minimum, Dr. Kumra must inform a patient prior to the commencement of treatment if she will not be available to complete the treatment, how long she will be unavailable and identify the risks and challenges that may cause. 

• Dr. Kumra must make adequate arrangements for continued follow-up care and treatment of a patient who is undergoing active orthodontic treatment if she is no longer able to continue with treatment. 

Discipline Results


Case File: H150008

Date of Decision:


  • Charged excessive or unreasonable fees
  • Failed to keep records as required by the Regulations
  • Signed a certificate, report or similar document that contained a false, misleading or improper statement
  • Submitted a false or misleading account or charge


  • $5000 to be paid to College
  • Imposed Course/Training Comprehensive course in pediatric dentistry
  • Imposed Course/Training Professional Ethics
  • Imposed Course/Training Recordkeeping
  • Imposed Practice Monitoring (office visits) for 24 months following completion of courses
  • Reprimand
  • Suspension 8 months - effective Sep 02, 2016 to Sep 29, 2019
Reasons for Decision
Decision Summary

This information was obtained from the register of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (www.rcdso.org)