Louis Ong

Full Name:
Louis Michael Ong
Current Status:
Resigned - Dentist may have retired, left the province/country, returned to school, changed professions, or took a leave for personal reasons, among other things.

Concerns, Conditions and/or Professional Misconduct

Academic Information


Dental Degree

McGill University, Canada

This may not be a complete record of the member's academic information or continuing education.

Certificate(s) of Registration


Previous Certificate(s) of Registration


Initial Date of Registration

Complaints & Reports Outcomes


Case File: 160338

Decision Date:
July 26, 2017


As a result of its investigation of a formal complaint, the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee decided to caution Dr. Louis Ong as follows:

•    Dr. Ong must formulate a diagnosis and corresponding treatment plan for each patient prior to commencing care. An adequate diagnosis for an orthodontic patient includes a full orthodontic work-up with assessment of a Cephalmotreic radiograph to consider the existing and future patterns of skeletal growth and eruption of the patient’s teeth. This diagnosis and treatment plan must be communicated to and considered by the patient/parent prior to commencing treatment.
•    Before initiating treatment, he must ensure that he has obtained the patient’s informed consent to treatment. As part of that process, the patient must be provided with the information regarding the diagnosis, the nature and purpose of the proposed treatment along with the risks and benefits of such treatment, the treatment alternatives available along with the associated risks and benefits, the likely consequences of not having the treatment, and the cost of each treatment option. Although either verbal or written consent are both legally acceptable, it is advisable to confirm verbal consent in writing where risks are significant. Regardless of whether the patient consents in writing or orally, the dentist should keep a detailed record of the nature of the conversation, the information provided, and the patient’s decision. 

•    Dr. Ong has a professional, ethical and legal responsibility maintain a complete chart and record documenting all aspects of each patient’s dental care. A complete chart includes a diagnosis of the patient’s existing condition, a treatment plan, and a notation that informed consent was obtained from the patient for treatment based on the diagnosis and treatment plan. A record of the significant findings of all supporting diagnostic aids, tests, radiographs, study models, and reports from specialists must also be documented in the patient record. In addition, a copy of all radiographs taken during the patient’s treatment, and in particular Cephalometric radiographs taken for orthodontic patients, must be kept with the patient record. The patient record must contain a diagnosis and a treatment plan. 

•    Dr. Ong is cautioned to take seriously any concerns raised by a patient to his governing body regardless of his registration status. Patients are entitled to complain about alleged professional misconduct and acting in the public’s interest, the College has an obligation to investigate those complaints related to conduct at the time when the dentist was a member. The tone of Dr. Ong’s letter to the College in which he dismisses the College’s jurisdiction to investigate this complaint is unprofessional and calls his governability into question. 

Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program

Required Course
Comprehensive course in Orthodontics, including case selection and work up, diagnosis, treatment planning, discussions with patient/parent, informed consent and recordkeeping 
Required Practice Monitoring - Office Visits
for 24 months following completion of comprehensive course in Orthodontics

Discipline Results


Case File: H120017

Date of Decision:


  • Charged excessive or unreasonable fees
  • Contravened a standard of practice or failed to maintain the standards of practice of the profession
  • Disgraceful, dishonourable, unprofessional or unethical conduct
  • Made a representation about a treatment, remedy, device or procedure without scientific/empirical basis
  • Recommended or provided an unnecessary dental service
  • Submitted a false or misleading account or charge
  • Treated without consent


  • $2000 to be paid to College
  • Imposed Course/Training Periodontics
  • Imposed Practice Monitoring (office visits) for 24 months following completion of course, at member's expense
  • Reprimand
  • Suspension 2 months - effective Jul 01, 2013 to Aug 31, 2013
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Decision Summary

This information was obtained from the register of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (www.rcdso.org)