Guidelines for Suspension

These Guidelines describe the responsibilities of Members of the College who have been suspended. The Guidelines apply to administrative suspensions (including suspensions for non-payment of fees) and suspensions ordered by a Committee of the College. 


  1. When suspended, a Member must immediately inform the following people about the suspension:

    • Staff in the offices or practices in which the Member works. This includes other regulated health professionals working in the offices/practices and administrative staff
    • Dentists with whom the Member works, whether that Member is a principal in the practice or otherwise associated with the practice
    • Dentists or other individuals who routinely refer patients to the Member
    • Faculty members at Faculties of Dentistry, if the member is affiliated with the Faculty in an academic or professional capacity
    • Owners of a practice or office in which the Member works
    • Patients who ask to book an appointment during the suspension, or whose previously booked appointment has to be rescheduled due to the suspension. Members may assign administrative staff to inform patients about the suspension.  All communications with patients must be truthful and honest.
  1. When suspended, Members must not engage in the practice of dentistry, including, but not limited to:

    • acting in any manner that suggests the Member is entitled to practice dentistry. This includes communicating diagnoses or offering clinical advice in social settings. Members must ensure that administrative or office staff do not suggest to patients in any way that the Member is entitled to engage in the practice of dentistry.
    • giving orders or standing orders to dental hygienists
    • supervising work performed by others
    • working in the capacity of a dental assistant or performing laboratory work
    • acting as a clinical instructor.
  1. A suspended Member must not be present in offices or practices where they work when patients are present, except for emergencies that do not involve patients. The Member must immediately advise the Registrar in writing about any such emergencies.

  1. A suspended Member must not benefit or profit, directly or indirectly from the practice of dentistry.

    • The Member may arrange for another dentist to take over their practice during the suspension period.
      • If another dentist assumes the practice, all of the billings of the practice during the suspension period belong to that dentist.
      • A suspended Member may be reimbursed for actual out of pocket expenses incurred in respect of the practice during that period.
    • Members are permitted to sign and/or submit insurance claims for work that was completed prior to the suspension.
    • Members must not sign insurance claims for work that has been completed by others during the suspension period.
  1. A suspended Member must co-operate with any office monitoring which the Registrar feels is needed to ensure that the Member has complied with these Guidelines.  The Member must provide the College with access to any records associated with the practice that the College may require to verify that the Member has not engaged in the practice of dentistry or profited during the suspension.

 Passed by Council, effective: November 15, 2007; revised November 2018