Persons Prohibited from Practising Dentistry

The individuals listed below are not registered with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and are not entitled to practise dentistry in Ontario or to hold themselves out as a person who is qualified to practise as a dentist or in a speciality of dentistry in Ontario.  They are each prohibited from practising dentistry or holding themselves out to practise dentistry by an order of the Superior Court of Ontario.

  • Latif Alsoma (a.k.a. Abdul Latif Alsoma and Abdul Latif) – Mississauga
  • Omar Anwar – Ottawa
  • Amit Bhambu – Mississauga
  • Gzim Bytyqi (a.k.a. Jimmy Connolly) – Toronto/Ottawa/Gatineau
  • Yasong Chen – Scarborough/Markham
  • David Chuang – Brampton
  • Khaled Emile Hashem – Ottawa
  • Ahmad Hassoun – Windsor
  • Mario Hervas – Toronto
  • Mohamad Ebrahim Hoodfar – Toronto
  • Velimir Ivanovski – Mississauga
  • Sergey Kolomeystev – Vaughan
  • Zygmunt Kurasz – Toronto
  • Ina Navitskaya – Vaughan
  • Richard Pass – Thornhill
  • Bogdan Pavlyshyn – Toronto
  • Abram Peters – Courtland
  • Mima Petkova-Peeva (a.k.a. Mima Petkova) – Etobicoke
  • Alexander Shterenberg (a.k.a. Alex Shterenberg) – Richmond Hill
  • Humberto Solano Rosania – London
  • Vladimir Tsvetkov – Toronto
  • Jovanka Zizek – Richmond Hill
  • Jeffrey Swartz  - Toronto

Who should I contact about unauthorized practitioners?

If you are aware of these individuals, or anyone else working without being registered with the RCDSO, please contact:

Gillian Slaughter
Director, Professional Conduct and Regulatory Affairs