Legal support

If your complaint about sexual abuse is referred to the Discipline Committee, the College will hold a hearing.

At the hearing, the College will have to prove its case against the dentist. You may be asked to be a witness.

The College’s lawyer, called a prosecutor, will explain:

  • the role of a witness (i.e., to share information or evidence at a hearing)
  • the hearing process 
  • what the College will do to prove its case

The prosecutor cannot give you legal advice.  

The College offers funding for independent legal advice for people who are asked to be a witness at a hearing.

Independent legal advice is available to help you with the following:

  • requests at the hearing for your personal health information;
  • your information that may be restricted by a prior agreement;
  • other legal issues that relate to your testimony, evidence, or other information

You can retain any lawyer on the roster of lawyers approved by the College. The lawyers have expertise in College investigations and hearings. 

The maximum funding available for independent legal advice is $1,000 per person. You can apply here.

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